Monday, August 20, 2012

SummerSlam Prediction Results

Santino Marella vs Antonio Cesaro
Predicted Winner: Santino Marella
Actual Winner: Antonio Cesaro 0-1
I did not get a chance to watch this match, but I honestly think the WWE made the right call.  Let this be something for Cesaro to build on.  Santino doesn't need a title, although it was nice to seem him win the title.  Every once in a while the WWE gets something correct when it comes to younger talent.

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Actual Winner: Chris Jericho 0-2
In what was a good match, Y2J finally delivered in a big match.  I like the result and I am very interested in seeing how everything plays out with this result.  As we know Jericho is soon to be leaving to head back out on tour, so it was odd that they had him go over Ziggler, but I have no complaints.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan
Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan
Actual Winner: Daniel Bryan 1-2
I would say this match went as planned.  Nothing really stood out other than it appears that this feud will continue tonight on Raw.  D-Bryan is coming into his own with his character development.  He is as OVER as any one in the company right now.

The Miz vs Rey Mysterio
Predicted Winner: Miz
Actual Winner: Miz 2-2
I can honestly say that this is one of the best matches that I have ever seen out of Mr Mizanin.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Granted a lot of that has to be contributed to Rey, but the Miz appears to have improved greatly.  Hopefully he will not annoy me as much this go around.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
Predicted Winner: Sheamus
Actual Winner: Sheamus 3-2
Did we get to see a heel turn out of Sheamus?  At least the live crowd seemed to turn on him after he drilled ADR will Ricky's shoe.  This feud appears to be continuing thru Night of Champions, where I fear that MR ADR will become the champ again.

Kofi/Truth v PTP'ers
Predicted Winner: PTP'ers
Actual Winner: Kofi and Truth 3-3
It appears the the demise of AW may have been the demise of the Prime Time Players.  I was really surprised that they kept the straps on Kofi and Truth.  I like them as a tag team, but it may be time for the young cats to get a little burn.  I would not mind seeing Kofi and Truth chasing the belts for a little while.

CM Punk vs Big Show vs John Cena
Predicted Winner: CM Punk
Actual Winner: CM Punk 4-3
The moment of the night has to go to the double submission/Big Show tap out.  A very interesting spot that I did not see coming.  It is obvious that they are building to a Cena/Punk re-match at NOC, which in Boston could be an electric crowd (not quite Chicago).  A decent match, but the Big Show just seemed to drag the match down.

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H
Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar
Actual Winner: Brock Lesnar 5-3
I was a little disappointed in this match, but I was happy with the result.  Whatever they have planned for Lesnar, he has to become the MONSTER that we all know he is.  Losing to Cena really hurt Brock, and beating Triple H gets some of his cred back, but he still has a long way to go.  If the rumors are true and he isn't wrestling again until Survivor Series, I will be interested to see how they use him up until then.

Overall a decent show.  I would have to give the MOTN award to Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho with Miz/Rey close behind.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Minute SummerSlam Predictions

I know the Pre-Show match has probably already happened but I have not saw anything yet so I am going to go ahead and predict it as well.

Pre-Show Match for the US Title
Santino Marella v Antonio Cesaro
Winner: Santino Marella

WWE Tag Team Championship
Kofi/R-Truth vs Prime Time Players
Winner: Prime Time Players

Intercontinental Championship
The Miz v Rey Mysterio
Winner: The Miz

Kane vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championshiop
Sheamus v Alberto Del Rio
Winner: Sheamus

WWE Championship
CM Punk v Big Show v John Cena
Winner: CM Punk

Brock Lesnar v Triple H
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Also predicting Damien Sandow v Brodus Clay to pop up with Sandow winning

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

I know it is only Wednesday, but I am going to be out of town from Thursday through Sunday so I decided that If I didn't do my predictions tonight then I would be unable to do them.

Disclaimer:  Only 5 matches are currently announced.  I am only going to predict the 5 that are currently on the card.  If any other matches are announced on Friday, I will not be predicting them.

PRE-SHOW - WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP - Kofi and Truth v Hunico and Camacho
This should actually be a pretty decent Pre-Show match.  For the sake of the match I hope that they allow Kofi and Hunico plenty of time together in the ring.  Those two together could put on some good stuff.
I supposed they are just having this match because the Prime Time Players are embroiled in a mini feud with Epico and Primo.  That is the only reasoning I can see for it as Hunico and Camacho have done nothing together as a team.
PREDICTION: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

I have heard rumbling that the WWE wants to put the strap back in Del Rio by the end of the year.  With that being said I do not think now is the time.  They have invested a ton in Sheamus, especially after Wrestlemania do to the fact that most of the Universe turned on him after the 18 second D-Bryan debacle.
All in all I see Sheamus retaining a hard hitting match.  I look for Del Rio to put up a good fight which will allow him to stay in the title picture a little longer.

I know a lot of people are down on this match do to the lack of star power, but I am not one of those people.  There is a ton of talent in this match and the MITB concept is the perfect platform for a few of the guys (Tyson Kidd and Damien Sandow) to showcase what they can do.
The two favorites heading into the match have to be Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.  I honestly see one of those two winning the match.  I see Kidd and Sin Cara putting on a show!  Kidd is going to be the stand out of the entire night IMO.
Sandow is going to put his name on the map as a major cog in the future of the WWE.  Tensai is the most interesting entrant into the match.  I like the dynamic and the big strong man being in this type of match with all the high fliers.
This is the most interesting match of the night and I look for many good things to come out of this match.

I like the dynamic of the former champions being involved in this match.  I expect Cena and Jericho to do most of the work.
It would not surprise me if we have a surprise entrant or two into the match.  There are a few other former WWE champions out there that could show up and make and Impact.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP - CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan - in the battle for AJ's heart!
We know what to expect in the ring, EXCELLENCE!  The major story here is AJ.  Over the last few weeks AJ has became the star of the WWE Championship feud.
I look for AJ to side with her old flame with this entire love triangle being a set up from the start.

Destination X Results

I know this is a little late, but I say better late than never.  I am just going to give a quick overview to each match along with my Prediction results.

LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER - Rubix v Mason Andrews v Lars Only v Dakota Darsow
Over there was some very good action in this one.  Rubix and Andrews were by far the stars of the match.  The crowd really seemed to get behind Rubix, (I would expect to see him back in a TNA ring at some point soon).  Mason Andrews ended up getting the win.
Predicted Winner: Mason Andrews 1-0

Mason Andrews v Kid Kash
Immediately following the LCQ, Andrews had to fight Kid Kash in an X-Division tourney match.  A decent match with nothing spectacular but I good solid under card match.  Andrews picked up the win with a surprise roll-up.
Predicted Winner: None of the four guys I picked to enter the Ultimate X were in this match so I did not have a chance.  1-1

Douglas Williams v Kenny King
Another decent match.  I was impressed with King.  Extremely athletic and charismatic.  I look forward for him to hang around and would not be surprised if he didn't get a shot at the X-Division title some point soon.  On the other hand, Williams looked out of shape and slow.
Predicted Winner: I had both guys picked in the Ultimate X Match.  2-1

Sonjay Dutt v Rashad Cameron
This was a solid match-up.  IMO Dutt looks as good as he ever has.  I am loving the finisher!  Cameron has the look and I expect him to come back.
Predicted Winner: Sonjay Dutt 3-1

Zema Ion v Flip Casanova
Probably the worst of the qualifying matches.  Casanova is a high flier and most could consider him a spot monkey. I have no problem with that, however I just don't think that he and Ion had very good chemistry.   Ion picked up the win is this one
Predicted Winner: Zema Ion 4-1

BFG Series - Kurt Angle v Samoa Joe
As expected, we got an excellent match out of these two.  When you put two wrestlers of this caliber in the ring more often than not the product is going to be a good one, and that it was.  Anytime these two get in the ring together it is a MOTN contender and on any other night, it probably would have been on this night as well.  Samoa Joe picked up the win after choking out Angle.  The ref stopped it as Angle was unresponsive.
Predicted Winner : Kurt Angle 4-2

Last Man Standing - Daniels v AJ Styles
A lot of the things that I just wrote about the Angle/Joe match could be said about this one.  Daniels and Styles know each other inside and out.  After starting slow, the match delivered on all accounts.  Daniels had my favorite spot of the match when he argued with a couple of fans at ringside.  I found it very entertaining.
If you get a chance to check out the ending of the match on Youtube you need to do so.  AJ hit a brutal Styles Clash, off of the stage though a table which ended up winning him that match when Daniels couldn't make it to his feet, while AJ had to pull himself up via the railng, ala Rocky/Apollo Creed.
Predicted Winner: Daniels 4-3

Ultimate X - Kenny King v Zema Ion v Sonjay Dutt v Mason Andrews
I am not going to spend much time on this one as I believe it was underwhelming considering the type of match it was.  As far as Ultimate X matches go, this one fell flat.
During the match Dutt dislocated his shoulder, went to the back and popped it back into place and returned to finish the match.  Props to you Sonjay.
Zema Ion picked up the win.
Predicted Winner: Kenny King 4-4

TNA TITLE - Bobby Roode v Austin Aries
All I can say about this one is, MOTY favorite at this point in time.  Roode and Aries brought it.  A Double has turned the corner in his career and He, Roode and James Storm are the guys in TNA.  This match was worth buying the entire PPV.  TNA knocked it out of the park with his one.
Aries picked up the win to win the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Predicted Winner: Bobby Roode 4-5

As far as predictions go, Ultimate X was not a good showing for me.  Hopefully I can get back on track with MITB this weekend!

Overall I would rate the show an A.  TNA is on a roll

Friday, July 6, 2012

TNA Destination X Predictions

Going to make the leap and start predicting the TNA PPVs.  Up until the last two months I have not watched enough TNA to have a good enough grasp on things to try to predict matches.  With that said, I have been watching TNA weekly for the last couple of months so now I will be doing TNA predictions along with my WWE predictions.

Destination X is a rough PPV to do predictions for as the final card is no totally finished.  There are Ultimate X qualifying matches during that show that have not been announced yet.  We know most of the participants, but we do now know who they will be wrestling.  So in a way I am going into some of these matches blind.

LAST CHANCE 4-WAY -- Dakota Darsow v Rubix v Lars Only v Mason Andrews
This one could really do any way as these 4 guys really have no history in TNA to go off of.  Whoever wins will get the 8th spot in the X-Division tourney being held that night.  This is going to be a shot in the dark.

X-DIVISION TOURNEY - Douglas Williams/Kid Kash/Zema Ion/Flip Casanova/Kenny King/Rashad Cameron/Sonjay Dutt/???
Considering that the specific match-ups have not been announced I am going to pick the 4 guys who I believe will qualify for the Ultimate X match.  Once again this is a tough one.
PREDICTED WINNERS: Douglas William, Zema Ion, Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt

If my predictions are off for the tournament matches then I will have no shot at getting this one correct.

BOUND FOR GLORY SERIES - Samoa Joe v Kurt Angle
This is a match that is guaranteed to deliver.  We all know that both of these guys are going to bring it.  Joe has recently been performing back up to par, while Kurt never fails to live up to the expectations.  With this being a BFG series match, with no real feud behind it, that makes the match a little bit harder to call.  However I expect a great match between these two.

These two guys know each other so well that this match is guaranteed to deliver.  Most likely the MOTN with the potential for MOTY.  I do not expect this whole Claire Lynch storyline to end just yet so IMO there is only one way this match will go.
PREDICTED WINNER: Christopher Daniels

TNA CHAMPIONSHIP - Austin Aries v Bobby Roode
This is another match that is going to deliver.  Both guys have proven that they are at the top of the TNA heap.  Aries is proving that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world.  A Double has the entire package.  TNA has made sure the the "It Factor" is the face of the company and he has succeeded at that.  I think Aries will Ultimately be the Champ, but I do not think he gets it just yet.  In addition to that Aries winning would put a swerve on the apparent plans for a Storm-Roode match-up at BFG.
I would like to see A Double walk away with the title, but I honestly don't think it is going to happen this Sunday.

Overall I expect a great show to continue the trend that TNA is currently on.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heath Slater: Ruler of the Jobber World

Those of you that watched Monday Night Raw last night go to see the OMRB Heath Slater break his recent losing streak, with a victory over returning legend (I use legend loosely in this case) Doink the Clown.
Photo Coutesy of
Granted Slaters momentum did not last long as DDP slapped him with a Diamond Cutter shortly after his win.  On a side note, DDP's Diamond Cutter is a million times better than the RKO!

Prior to last nights victory, Slater was marred in a 10 bout losing streak.  His last win before last night occurred on the May 17th episode of Superstars in a match with Alex Riley, who could be the "face" equivalent of Slater as far as jobbers go.

Slater's losing streak went as follows:
May 20 - Over The Limit - Lost in the Pre-Show Battle Royal which was won by Christian
May 23 - NXT - Lost to Percy Watson
May 24 - Superstars - Lost to Zack Ryder
June 1 Smackdown - Lost to Sin Cara
June 6 NXT - Lost in a tag match with Johnny Curtis to Justin Gabrel and Tyson Kidd
June 11 - Raw - Lost to Vader
June 15 Smackdown - Lost to Brodus Clay
June 22 - Smackdown - Lost to Zack Ryder
June 25 - Raw - Lost to Sid
June 28 - Superstars - Lost to Kane
*Also in the middle of that span, Slater was punked by Roddy Piper, Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper

As much as I have disliked the OMRB from the beginning of this NXT time, I have to say that I have enjoyed his recent stuff.  His current storyline of jobbing to the legends has been entertaining.  Even though he is losing in squash matches, he is on TV.  Which says that someone in the back must be high on him.

Personally, I do not think he is great on the mic, (granted he has been better recently but you can tell that his pre-legend match promos are 100% scripted), I also do not think he is very good in the ring.  Luckily for Slater I am not the one booking the shows.

I have heard rumors that there is supposed to be a big pay-off at the end of this storyline, so I am assuming on the 1000 episode of RAW we will find out.  

Until then I suggest that you enjoy your winning streak Heath, as I figured it will be short lived.  (I wouldn't be surprised if it did not end tonight on the Live Smackdwon Great American Bash)

As a final note, With his win on Monday Slater improved his 2012 match record to 5-24.

TNA Stats Thru the end of June

I finally got around to getting caught up on all of the TNA stats.  It was tedious to get caught up, but I am glad that I have it finished.

1. Jeff Hardy           23
2. Robert Roode      22
2. Bully Ray            22
2. Austin Aries        22
2. AJ Styles             22

1. Austin Aries        15
1. James Storm        15
3. Samoa Joe           11
3. Magnus               11
3. Devon                 11

1. Bully Ray           17
2. AJ Styles            13
3. Daniels               12
3. Robbie E            12
5. Jeff Hardy          11

Most Matches - Gail Kim - 17
Most Wins - Gail Kim - 10
Most Loses - Madison Rayne - 11

Most Matches - Samoa Joe and Magnus - 10
Most Wins - Samoa Joe and Magnus - 8
Most Loses - Matt Morgan and Crimson - 4